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Sexuality and Masturbation

The first sexual experience people have in their lives is masturbation. This so natural practice marks the beginning of people’s sexual life, and this way, there is no more natural thing than enjoy the best of it. Boys and girls when reach teenage start to worry about other things than just kid play. They start to be more receptive to their instincts and sexual appeal, and the interest in sex become, most of the times, the main thought on their minds.

Sometimes masturbation can be a very complex theme, due to the fact that society always treated this subject as a shaming practice. According to this fact, people use to hide their sexual feelings and it might result on repressed feelings, what is not healthy at all.

Masturbation is so important on people’s lives, because it involves more than just rubbing and stroking genitals. It is the beginning of the relationship between people and their sexuality, which is nothing more than the inner way people have to deal with sexual situations. When two people are engaged in heavy petting and the will to go to bed and have sexual intercourse is present, this specific will is the sexuality’s response. The body answers to what is happening in the exterior. This feeling can not be measured and it varies from people to people, once there are not two equal people. Everybody reacts different to sexual feelings and that is just as normal as taste for specific food or drinks.

If people react well to the masturbation experiences they have, they can bet on their first sexual act, because masturbation helps people to be prepared to their sexual nature, when sharing pleasure with other person.

Peoples’ sexual life certainly reflects on other areas. People sexually repressed commonly have more difficulties to develop steady relationships and to feel comfortable with other person in bed. Normally, people facing sexual problems have difficulty in speaking to someone else, due to the fact that this subject to be so denied by the great majority. Shame people must have of keeping their fears in silence. These days, people can go to visit a doctor and tell him what the problem is. It’s sometimes biological and sometimes psychological. There are treatments for every different problem.


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